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Bammy Awards! Update

Important Announcement

Today we announced the decision to rebrand the Bammy Awards.  The new name will be the BAM Education Awards or BAM-E Awards for short. The mission will be the same; the processes will be improved and as always the program will continue to host an extraordinary national celebration of the contributions of educators in over 25+ categories.  

The rebranding and site upgrades will take a year and will culminate with the five-year anniversary honors. 

Why? The Short Answer

In 2015, we started working on plans to bring the Bammy Awards to selected states.  As part of that process, we applied to register Bammy Awards with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We were cleared during the initial servicemark search, and the USPTO approved the mark for registration and published the application.  In late 2015 we received notice that the registration was being challenged by the organization behind the Grammy Awards. Legal counsel informed us that our options were to either fight the challenge or rebrand.  We opted to rebrand.

Pivoting quickly, our executive team collaborated to divine a new name and logo that would maintain an easily recognizable connection to the past. This is how Bammy Awards became BAM Education Awards or BAM-E Awards.  

Though we loved the Bammy Awards, the new name and logo have grown on us.  We hope it will grow on you too!

And so the rebranding begins. 

Looking  Forward

The cross-discipline awards began with a simple question: "What if we valued educators like  we value celebrities?"  It's been very inspiring to see how a simple question has garnered the support of education leaders and stakeholders from virtually every discipline in the education field.

As we settle in to do the hard work of rebranding and updating our processes, we are energized by the vision of an epic fifth anniversary BAM Education Awards.  

Thank You

We thank all of the members of the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences, the Board of Governors, the Council of Peers, and the Education Technology Board for supporting these cross-discipline honors with their nominations and votes.  We especially thank the Board of Governors 20/20 who have joined the Academy to help build a sustainable organization for the honors.  We also thank all of you who have nominated educators for the awards and participated in the online voting process.  

Finally, we thank all past Bammy Awards laureates for the contributions you've made to education, and the inspiration you've been to so many.

We press on! 

Errol St.Clair Smith
Executive Committee
Academy of Education Arts and Sciences
BAM Education Awards

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